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Think we’re barking mad?

You can trust the words of these good humans that have tried, tested and now love their Bailey+Co.


AMAZING STUFF! Our girl was looking at spending the rest of her life on meds to keep her mobile – until we discovered Bailey + Co!
She is a complete different dog & it’s not just us who’s noticed the difference in her!
Narla is 14 & acting like a puppy again with the mobility of a 14 month old!!
HIGHLY Recommended!!


Bailey + Co have transformed my 16yr old terrier cross from a fussy, frustrating fur ball that just stood and looked at her food into an eager enthusiastic and I like to think grateful muncher who licks her bowl clean now and looks up at me for more.  She has a spring in her step that belies her age, clear beautiful brown eyes and her happiness is infectious.  Exceptional nutrition, service and people.


Riley suffers from age related arthritis and was on a host of medications including daily Metacam and Nuropentin. After one month on a loading dose of Bailey+Co’s Green Lipped Mussel supplement he is a new dog, we no longer have to help him up from rest each morning and we can walk him so much further than before – to top it off he hasn’t been on any medication since!


Since my two large ten year old dogs changed to Bailey+Co freeze dried food, they have far more energy, have softer coats and their faeces are well formed and regular. I would never change back to kibble.


My mature dog loves Bailey+Co’s freeze dried food. He is bouncing like a 2 year old. I love it too because it is so convenient and I know my dog is getting great quality food.

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