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Frequently asked questions

Got any hounding questions?

We’re all paws in when it comes to the health of your pets, that’s why we’ve tried to answer any questions you may have below.

About our products

All Bailey+Co food is 100% raw, natural and freeze-dried to lock in the goodness of our premium and locally-sourced ingredients. Our food is completely free from grains, GMO, hormones, artificial preservatives and flavours meaning your pet is guaranteed to get the best nutritional care from a Bailey+Co diet.

Our products are specifically formulated by PhD qualified animal nutritionists to:

  • Provide a full and balanced diet for your pet
  • Support and repair your pet’s muscle growth
  • Maintain a healthy skin and coat
  • Provide overall digestive wellness
  • Assist strong joints, even in ageing pets.

What’s more is that our products have the highest inclusion rate of green-lipped mussel compared with any other pet food product on the market. Green-lipped mussels are full of antioxidants and are a natural anti-inflammatory which can help alleviate a number of health concerns. Please refer to our ‘Why are green-lipped mussels so important?’ question for a list of benefits this superfood provides.

All Bailey+Co meals include high levels of New Zealand green-lipped mussels, plus we sell an additional Green-Lipped Mussel Supplement, so you might be wondering what the big deal is… At Bailey+Co, the inclusion of this superfood is something we’re very passionate about.

Green-lipped mussels are high in Omega 3 fatty acids and are a natural source of antioxidants which help to reduce inflammation associated with diseases and serious health conditions.

The Omega 3s found in New Zealand green-lipped mussels can:

  • Help improve brain function
  • Reduce cardiovascular issues
  • Assist in the management of pain caused from osteoarthritis
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Help treat dermatological conditions and allergies
  • Reduce infections, especially ear infections
  • Reduce the spread of cancer cells
  • Provide a shinier coat.

Bailey+Co meals are conveniently ready to be served to your pet straight from the packet.

For a complete healthy meal, we suggest mixing our meals with a 1:1 ratio of Bailey+Co Bone Broth or water.

Our food can be sprinkled as a tasty topper on other food too!

Bailey+Co is an energy-dense diet that requires smaller serving sizes than other diets. Each of our products have a slightly different feeding guide. Please refer to the feeding calculator at the bottom of each product’s page.

To avoid digestive upsets and keep your pet comfortable, we recommend gradually transitioning your pet to a Bailey+Co diet by mixing their old food with Bailey+Co.

We recommend the following approach to transition your pet to their new food:

Days 1–4
20% Bailey+Co food; 80% old food

Days 5–7
40% Bailey+Co food; 60% old food

Days 8–10
60% Bailey+Co food; 40% old food

Day 11–13
80% Bailey+Co food; 20% old food

Day 14
100% new food

We believe in being 100% open and honest about the ingredients in our products. The product pages on our website detail the ingredients in each of our meals, treats and supplements. The back of the packaging (also pictured on the product pages) gives you further information.

Bailey+Co pet food is formulated to meet the requirements of all breeds of adult dogs. Please purchase specific puppy/kitten food to ensure your young pet receives the nutrition it requires.

Bailey+Co is a family-owned New Zealand-based business. Our products are manufactured in our purpose-built warehouse just outside of Auckland (near our family home).

Our products are developed with our own pets in mind, in conjunction with food scientists and vets.

Ordering & delivery

If placed before 1pm, we will send your order on the same day.

North Island deliveries will be delivered the next working day; South Island deliveries will be delivered within 2 working days,

Unfortunately we are currently only shipping to New Zealand. But if you’d like to contact us about an overseas order please do – we’ll see what we can do to help you.

We offer free standard delivery for metro orders over $79.

We have additional shipping options available at checkout. Please refer to our Delivery Information page for more details.

Here at Bailey+Co we want your pets to be 100% satisfied, if for any reason your furry pal doesn’t love our freeze dried food simply get in touch for a full refund.