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Understanding & using auto-shipping

For your convenience, Bailey+Co offers auto-shipping so you don’t have to remember to place your next order on your pet’s favourite food. On top of creating ready-to-eat meals for your pets, this is just another way we’re helping our customers manage their busy lifestyles!

Below, you can learn about the benefits of auto-shipping and how it works.

Does auto-shipping save me money?

Yes! Just like our favourite pets, we’re super into loyalty! You will save 10% on every order that is auto-shipped.

How do I organise auto-shipping?

It’s easy-peasy to set up auto-shipping. Simply select the Save 10% with auto-ship option on the product page and select the delivery frequency you desire.

When will I be charged for my auto-ship order?

You will be automatically billed for each order at the delivery frequency set by you.

How do I know when my order has been sent, and when will I receive my order?

You will receive an email from us when your order has been sent, which is just after we receive your automatic payment.

For customers in the North Island, you will receive your order within 1–2 working days of payment being processed. For customers in the South Island your order will arrive within 2–3 working days of payment being processed.

Can I add/remove products in my auto-shipping subscription?

Absolutely! You can do this through your Account, under the Subscriptions tab on our website.

I have run out of food before my next order is due, can I get my order delivered now?

No problems! To get your food delivered now, simply login to your Account on our website, go to the Subscriptions tab and select Renew now. This will adjust the processing dates of all recurring orders to keep your delivery frequency the same.

Can I change my auto-shipping preferences?

You can change your delivery frequency and product/s anytime through your Account, under the Subscriptions tab on our website.

Can I cancel my auto-shipping subscription?

You sure can. You can cancel your subscription anytime through your Account, under the Subscriptions tab on our website. Just beware that if payment has been processed and your order is on its way for your next delivery the cancellation will apply after you have received that order.

Can I take advantage of discount codes offered on your site with auto-shipping?

Our auto-ship program was created to save you money, and time. You automatically receive a 10% discount on every order under the subscription so we guarantee you are getting the best deal overall. For this reason discount codes would only apply on one order (if you have a valid code at the time of subscribing), not recurring orders.