Raw Meal Enhancer – Mixed Protein 300g

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Enhance your dog’s regular food with this natural, protein-rich meal enhancer

Watch them go wild for the 100% Freeze Dried New Zealand raw whole pieces of organ meat & seafood, while boosting their muscle, joint, coat and digestive health.

Our raw meal enhancer contains only:

  • NZ King Salmon
  • Cage free NZ Chicken hearts
  • NZ Green lipped Mussels
  • NZ Beef Wagyu
  • NZ Grass-Fed Lamb liver

Simply mix with your dog’s regular food to enhance its nutritional value and flavour. Or use it on its own as a special treat or reward.

Suitable for all breeds & ages. Puppy. Adult. Senior.

Recommended Daily Serving Guide:

  • Small Dog (<10kg) up to 10g per day
  • Medium Dog (11-24kg) 10-20g per day
  • Large Dog (25kg+) 25g+